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    NEW Container Due to land any day now

    Hi All Have a container due to land any day now. Pls refer to my link to my website for pics of items and LEVIN 3DR coming in Best to contact me via email craig@justjdmimportscom or 0408998795 cheers
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    JUST JDM IMPORTS Sale on all current stock from 11/05/15 to 30/05/15 ( 3 WKS) 15% off all new stock 25% off All Used Stock 25% of all wheels in stock Contact me direct or 0408998795 Veiw stock via parts listed on Facebook under Just JDM Imports​ or via my website...
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    Wtb kouki headlights

    Hi have a set with the fog brackets $585 del syd cheers
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    Just JDM Imports Business FOR SALE

    Hi. All It is offical Just JDM Imports is up for sale Included is the following All Stock (AE86 / Altezza / EVO ) or just AE86, shelving etc. Website, contact details / Bussiness name , Mobile no and Japan contacts. Obviously not cheap due to the current inventory and whats also due in April /...
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    Just JDM Imports Track Car Build

    Hopefully can get back into this and finish it in the coming months
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    Now thats the way to do it
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    New Year Sale

    Hi all New years sale for 1 wk (7 Days) only from 1st Jan 2015 10% off all stock listed on my website, that is still available Please contact me direct on 0408998795 or Cheers
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    JDM Ae86 Calipers

    Hi Have 1 set atm left $300 Del cheers
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    WTB: Kouki Levin Corner Lights / Parkers

    Hi have brand new RHS only in stock. If you find a new Lhs expect to pay the price of a KE70 car for it nowdays as discontinued cheers
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    Another container will be getting packed up in the next month or so

    Another container on the way Hi All Checkout my link for some of the items that are coming in my container on the water now Also have 2 AE86 cars been cut up and front cuts and all parts coming in 1 Complete 2dr Kouki coupe car and 1 3dr Hatch trueno( Body & some parts sold already). This...
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    Another container will be getting packed up in the next month or so

    Hi All Update, sails this week. Will be available around 2nd wk July. cheers
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    Another container will be getting packed up in the next month or so

    Hi All I will have another container being packed in the next month or so and landing hopefully in mid to late June. If anybody is looking at large items such as body kits ,panels, engines etc i will have room and can get for you and bring in. All items would have to be bided on or brought...
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    seat belt won't retract

    Hi Anyone got the part no's or the front and back to suit 3dr hatch cheers
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    Want to buy: levin Front lip

    Hi Have Brand NEW Genuine Zenki and Kouki in stock cheers
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    16V starter motor

    Hi have std RWD 4age in stock $125 del cheers