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    Shed Cleanout!

    Well throw the cluster surround out and keep the switches then :P
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    Ipra Nationals Under 2 litre top ten shootout

    Where's the incar? :P
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    Shed Cleanout!

    Yep, $50 and you get a bonus cluster surround ;D
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    Shed Cleanout!

    Sorry they are now sold.
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    Shed Cleanout!

    Now my car is gone I've got no need for any more sprinter bits! Will update the list as I go through the shed - Front caliper adapters to suit AE86 struts with a wilwood 4 pot caliper and 310x32mm 2 piece rotor $250 Kouki Levin Coupe RHS rear taillight with average centre garnish $100...
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    (SA) Beams powered IPRA AE86

    Deposit taken
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    [SA] Imec 30mm ramtubes

    As per title set of 4 imec 30mm ramtubes to suit blacktop throttles, $150 including postage Please PM me if you need any more info.
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    (SA) Beams powered IPRA AE86

    Only selling to build another quicker version! Would also look at selling as a caged shell if there is any interest.
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    (SA) Beams powered IPRA AE86

    Logbooked under 2L AE86 Comprehensive bolt in cage Built 3sge beams engine Altezza gearbox Sprinter diff with TRD LSD Big Wilwood brakes with pedalbox adjustable coilover suspension Haltech ECU with GPS logger dash Competitive in either IPRA or Tarmac Rally, 1:19.3 at Mallala, top 10 Finisher at...
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    [SA] TRD Carbon Airbox and Ramtubes Suit 3S Beams

    For Sale - TRD Carbon Airbox and IMEC short ramtubes to suit 3S Beams motor. Super rare, make your engine bay look a little bit fancy. Has been drilled to suit 3sge throttle spacing, but will fit 20v 4age with a little bit of modification. 4" inlet. Chasing $700 including postage for both...
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    (SA) T-Series 4.3 Crownwheel and pinion

    As per title, in good condition, removed from my car ages ago due to going up to a 4.77 Chasing $200 for the set, or will swap for 5.1 gears with a cash adjustment if needed. Can post if you pay for it. Located in SA Pictures shouldn't be needed, looks like a crownwheel and pinion.
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    The car with a sideways engine that leaks powersteering fluid and goes whoosh

    I really enjoy it, it uses a completely different skill set, but practicing things like left foot braking and scandos can be put to good use on the racetrack. It's Also excellent to be able to load about 3 things into the boot and drive it home rather than worrying about trailers and shit like that!
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    The car with a sideways engine that leaks powersteering fluid and goes whoosh

    So time for an update... After the last walky park the original shocks were well and truly stuffed, with more oil on the outside of the shock body than actually inside the strut. This gave a nice comfortable ride, but was fairly scary over any sort of bump, so I decided to get some new shocks...
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    Heated Windscreens for your AE86 - Group Buy EOI

    1. Garth - Plain/Clear (no blue band) 2. DELAZY - Plain/Clear (no blue band) 3. Andy - Plain/Clear (no blue band)