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  • Just added you on FB!

    I stuck your map on and ran it, very lean. All of the trigger/vvt settings were very similar to the base map with nothing reversed, I'm just wondering now do I have a file that johnny was tinkering with?

    Cr01's are fecking immense on your car!!

    You should do some :)
    are you on Face book??

    search tim duncan im friends with jonny

    yeah but for some reason my ecu has been wired up backwards to how every one else does it

    its just a matter of having the vvti inlet settings going to the inlet cam
    its nothing major to change but it makes a big differance
    Cheers dude!

    Something about the vvt pick up? I spied it on the Adaptronic forum!

    I was drooling at that video already, any driving?
    Thanks dude, is the tune that Jonny has your current one?

    I can forward the one I have via email, check your emails for my build thread :)

    Any videos of yours in action?
    hey mate

    yeah jonny has my tune already

    just be aware that my vvti might be wired the wrong way (ie the inlet settings are running the exhaust cam)

    jhonny is already onto it so maybe hit him up

    enjoy the beams dude fantastic engines !!!

    got a build thread of your car??
    Hi Tim,

    Have you got a map for an adaptronic ecu running an itb'd beams.

    I see you got good results, I'd like to take a look at yours to give me an idea on where to go with mine.


    hey tim

    thanks very much much appreciated, my main problem is i am due for a track day in 4days time and the guys that were to map the car for me are up to there eyeballs atm with work so cant fit my car in for mapping, i'm desperate at the minute would be a understatement :( . bit of history how my car started i built it with a 20v enjoyed the itbs but wanted a few more horses so went against everyone else who said go sr20 and redtop vauxhall and decided the beams for me. fitted the engine and spent ages getting it to perform well due to the airflow trough the maf with a cone filter so ditched that and cut up the standard airbox which made massive gains. 2 days driving and i craved my itb grunt and thats the reason im back to the itbs they are truely awsome!!! facebook yes https://www.facebook.com/jonny.irwin.12 drop me a request and ill accept
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