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  1. Tim.duncan

    Extra lock rack ends

    For sale Brand new modified rack ends these will extend the movement of your steering rack by 17mm with out adding any length gain a little more steering lock $150 + postage
  2. Tim.duncan

    your favourite casual shoes for driving

    Hey guys so I need shoes I have always just bought skate shoes but they are rather chunky and loose on my foot what sneakers/casual shoes do you guys like and make good driving shoes at the same time
  3. Tim.duncan

    AE86s at WTAC 2014

    seen a few AE86s at World time Attack snapped some crappy phone pics
  4. Tim.duncan

    3sge Beams cam options

    Hey guys any one know of cam upgrades for the blacktop beams? must be able to keep the vvti what options are out there
  5. Tim.duncan

    Timmy's adventures in the big smoke (with pics)

    So i had to spend 2 weeks in sydney the other month hit up a few of the crew as i wanted to see what all this talk is about when it comes to putty road and old pac we kept if fairly small meet at a bakery drove to a pub drove back home was a fantasic day out thanks for everyone who came...
  6. Tim.duncan


    are we laming out again this year? its nearly may whats the G O? lets face it we all need to start putting our cars back together now if something is gonna happen this year
  7. Tim.duncan

    stock oil pressure gauge with 3s?

    Hey guys so on the side of the 3s beams it looks like an oil pressure sender (next to the oil filter) any one had any luck connecting that up accurately to the stock oil pressure gauge?
  8. Tim.duncan

    Home wheel alignments

    Hey guys any one do there own alignments at home? what sort of fancy tools do you use? or techniques
  9. Tim.duncan

    steering rack uni removal

    hey guys just bolted all my steering rack back in and realized I didn't put the spline in the right location on my steering column so the flat area does not line up with where the bolt goes through... eerrrr any one got any tricks on how to get the uni off with out taking the rack back out?
  10. Tim.duncan

    spotlights on Ae86

    Hey guys what are your thoughts on spot lights on 86s? iv always wanted more light out the front of mine
  11. Tim.duncan

    AE86 Coupe BEAMS for sale

    nope car is no longer for sale
  12. Tim.duncan

    front end wheel clerance issues

    Hey guys I have been having a close look at my front end and to be honest im most than likely finding problems that were always there front end set up adjustable camber tops ra60 celica struts converted to adjustable coilovers 7kg srpings (NO RCA as i am unable to fit one not ever...
  13. Tim.duncan

    front end geometry and LCA mounting position discussion

    So id like to throw around a few ideas on correcting front end geometry once an AE86 has been lowered normally you chuck in a 50mm roll centre adjuster and its all good my situation may be slightly different as im running celica struts with a bigger stub axle angle and large brakes so i...
  14. Tim.duncan

    ae86 LCA same as ke?

    hey guys are Ae86 lower control arms the same as ke70? or any other toyotas?
  15. Tim.duncan

    subframe ridged collars legit or a gimmick

    Hey guys whats your thoughts on this product? i dident think the cross member (sub frame) even had bushes that worn? and surely once its done up its not going to move
  16. Tim.duncan

    NA vs FI (low power vs bulk power) Tims theory on why slow 86s are more fun

    OK guys lets have a little discussion not an internet battle of arguments and stupidity but a civilised open discussion (which is why i love HR because we can do this) let me start with saying im not against forced induction and not against stupid amounts of power in an 86 (or though it...
  17. Tim.duncan

    Removing murdered bugs

    Hey guys I got ALOT of dead bugs on the front of my car and dident matter how hard I scrub I can't get all of them off... Any one have any tricks or good products you have used
  18. Tim.duncan

    Brake clean used for paint prep

    Hey guys I'm about to paint my gear box I'm gonna give it a good scrub with brake clean . It evaporates real easy Will that be fine to then paint? Or should I use a wax and grease remover
  19. Tim.duncan

    Tim's "i never finishing anything i start" thread

    HI my name is Tim and i have a bad habit of never finishing any of my projects i have lots of cool ideas, i spend allot of time planning them ... i start them... then never finish it i dont like this i think its a bad character floor of mine and id like it to change Soooo i'm hoping...
  20. Tim.duncan

    how to remove a T-50 gearbox from a 4ag step by step

    hey Lads resident gtv owner and all round good guy Virg needs to pull out his gear box this is a pretty rough off the top of my head step by step to help him get it done hope it can be of assistance to others This job is no worries on your own but having a few mates around can really...