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  1. JT.

    who's mrs likes their 86?

    My GF loves the 86, ex wife didn't but that's why she got made 'ex' lol. I can definitely see why family don't rate track hack 86's, hence why I try to keep mine streetable even though I (attempt) to skid it every day! I live a lot of my life for HR, work to look after it and couldn't imagine...
  2. JT.

    HR Annual 2013 Discussion

    It's a pity that the Tas annual didn't actually cover any decent roads or you would all be frothing to come back! Symmons is like 120 per person to hire the track exclusively regardless of numbers. Great grip track, doubt we could get permission to drift it though. Far north QLD would rule me...
  3. JT.

    Ped Rac3r's AE85 Build thread

    Sexy sexy! Love it!
  4. JT.

    JT's "Everything" AE86

    U convince her lol! But yes u do need it for sure!!! Thanks Eirca:)
  5. JT.

    TRD 4AGE oil filter differences

    As above, interested about the bypass valve!!!!
  6. JT.

    AE86 Notchback NZ

    Man, this is brilliant, love it with the deeper wheels on it but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing if it was my car haha!!! So so sexy, great job tidying everything up, I need to do the same to my car and this has certainly given me the inspiration to get into it!
  7. JT.

    JT's "Everything" AE86

  8. JT.

    JT's "Everything" AE86

    Fogs fitted!
  9. JT.

    AE86 Image Appreciation Thread

    U know JT attends this shit when needed Or rather, when I can be bothered lol
  10. JT.

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    Congrats! Now I overtake somebody on the back wheel haha
  11. JT.

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    Bike is fuckin' SWEET Rob!!! Love it!!!!
  12. JT.

    Phuoc's EL machino

    First pic - way good, love it man, jealous!!! Wheels are very different colour scheme.... Keeping it fresh!
  13. JT.

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    Disregard life Spend $$$ on better engine Thank JT later
  14. JT.

    JT's "Everything" AE86

    For all the misty hills we have on Tas Rob!!! Actually, it's just for show really lol
  15. JT.

    JT's "Everything" AE86

    Have these coming in soon, looking forward to fitting them up!
  16. JT.

    skins jdm levin

    Re. Car Proper skin build As in its far to neat and tidy and thought out You have achieved more in a month than I have in 2 years bro!!! So good But I have more kilometres under my belt ;)
  17. JT.

    skins jdm levin

    So trueeee Well delazy is the exception but you get that :P
  18. JT.

    Robs 1984 Toyota Trueno GT-Apex Build

    Still delicious
  19. JT.

    HR Annual 2012 [JINDABYNE : Dec 8-9] Epic Touge Adventure!

    Was making plans to make a surprise appearance, using redundancy money to get me there. But then got another job and have to start the week before annual - doubt my new employers will let me take A/L so soon!!! Normal life sucks.