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  1. ke_70

    Floor mount pedal/boosterless brake discussion

    Ok so I'm Mabey considering installing some floor mounted pedals in one of my cars. I'm struggling to find info on properly matching the correct bore master cylinder/s with the calipers. I'm under the impression that there is very little margin for error when deleting the booster. I will...
  2. ke_70

    Secondary injectors discussion

    This thread Needs more frak
  3. ke_70

    Secondary injectors discussion

    and not like this can tell you which one looks better mind you!
  4. ke_70

    Secondary injectors discussion

    yeah like how glenns are i think. mounted at an angle through the side of the tube if you get what i mean.
  5. ke_70

    Secondary injectors discussion

    bout time this thread was started. now i was under the impression that if setup up properly the stock inner injectors are retained and work as usual up to the set rpm were they switch off and the outboard ones take over. wouldn't that make them just as street friendly? and andys motor...
  6. ke_70

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    oh right cool! bit more simple than i thought it was! only thing missing is cams in that list yeah? you just use the 1sz (i think) solid buckets too yeah?
  7. ke_70

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    cool bannanas
  8. ke_70

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    does it have a forged crank? and whats been done with the oil pump? 9500rpm is alot for stock if it is?
  9. ke_70

    Adam's Ol' Red - retune and update p34

    i think its bout time you posted an engine specs list up!
  10. ke_70

    N2 version 2

    what are you doing with trailing arm side of things? running the same equal length boxes?
  11. ke_70

    [EOI] JDM Panda Notch

    very tempting...
  12. ke_70

    eoi atlantic cams

    is the lift comparable between 20v and 16v? alwas thought you needed less lift with the 20v's. im gonna go even bigger if i can mabey even to 12mm? will be 1.8ltr though
  13. ke_70

    eoi atlantic cams

    really im just interested in the exact specs...
  14. ke_70

    hasselgren atlantic spec 4age

    where can you buy a new atlanic spec engine for 9k?
  15. ke_70

    eoi atlantic cams

    i do at some stage need these, but not in the position right now to buy, unless you want to sell them for beans. haha pm me a rough number you want for them.
  16. ke_70

    I found a TRD Dry Sump kit on Yahoo Auctions + google translate
  17. ke_70

    the yellow submarine

    i've told you a million time but god how i love this car! i'd own one in a heart beat had they not had the shit rear end setup.
  18. ke_70

    So what happened to Toda Aus?

    worse than useless streeter for ANYTHING from japan.