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  1. ke_70

    Floor mount pedal/boosterless brake discussion

    Ok so I'm Mabey considering installing some floor mounted pedals in one of my cars. I'm struggling to find info on properly matching the correct bore master cylinder/s with the calipers. I'm under the impression that there is very little margin for error when deleting the booster. I will...
  2. ke_70

    came to see what all the fuss is about...

    most of you guys know what the deals is but, got offered a fairly well setup rb25 for a desent affordable price. so i had to choose between an insanly quick nissan or a mildly quick stock xr6T. the nissan won due to its potentual track work if all goes wrong. who knows i may even drift...
  3. ke_70

    304/8.5mm VS 304/10.5mm

    304/8.5mm VS 304/10.5mm... now im getting a payout from work and getting some toda headers for the beams. im also mabey getting some cams for the 4/7age that im going to start building in the near future. just deciding where im going to go with this build? is it worth the extra $1100...
  4. ke_70

    buddyparts track day

    an oldie need some insperation...
  5. ke_70

    adjusting clutch

    how do i adjust my hydrolic clutch? the clutch doesnt engage fully when i put the clutch in all the way setup is standed ae86 master 3sge 6sp clutch slave and gearbox os giken clutch double row fingers
  6. ke_70

    adaptronic problems

    right well this has me officually stumped i have now loaded a better tune on to the adaptronic and updated the firmware have just cranked it over and it started up perfect again proceeded to check alternator. thats charging fine went to start it again and it wont start again. just back...
  7. ke_70

    car not starting twice with same battery????????????????????

    car: ae86 engine: beams 3sge running with adaptronic ive got a pretty weird problem with my motor ive just got it running and cant get it to start a twice the story goes like this: if i start the car with a fully charged battery it will start up first pop and run. now if...
  8. ke_70

    water temp sensor

    where do i put the water temp sensor? can it go here? on the stainless elbow or does it have to go here?
  9. ke_70

    beams wont start

    been tyring to start the beams up all day today and have got no where it keeps backfiring and im not sure why? using adaptronic with loom off the same running setup and tune open to any suggestions GO!
  10. ke_70

    fuel issues beams

    im up to setting the fuel pressure up ready for start up now ive run the pumpwith the motor not running and somhow theres fuel getting into the motor??? (comming out the exhaust) and i cant seem to get over 10psi either. and ive just swapped to a pretty serious pump previously running a...
  11. ke_70

    4a rubber engine mounts asap

    4a rubber engine mounts asap dont need new just ones that work :) RWD
  12. ke_70

    4age crank sizes and sourceing bearings?

    hey all im just a little confused here. ive just pulled the 4age motor out of my ae82 due to a knocking bearing. now ive just measured up the crank to get some new bearings and they have measured as 40mm? i was under the impression that bigports came in ae82s/86s, aw11 ect. and...
  13. ke_70

    N2 thread

    for all things n2!! **all credit to karl (kid karola) though** "ae86 TRD N2 car" TRD N2 test in Fuji (1998?) TRD N2 test in Tsukuba - Target...
  14. ke_70

    JDM coupe track slut

    this is my ae86 ive just resently obtained currently i have a pig spec ke70 daily which looked pretty damn cool back in the day. but after almost $700 spent on just defects (3 total)where i bought the ae70 coupe but after lacking time skills and knowlage to really get started then this came...