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    NEW Container Due to land any day now

    Hi All Have a container due to land any day now. Pls refer to my link to my website for pics of items and LEVIN 3DR coming in Best to contact me via email craig@justjdmimportscom or 0408998795 cheers
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    JUST JDM IMPORTS Sale on all current stock from 11/05/15 to 30/05/15 ( 3 WKS) 15% off all new stock 25% off All Used Stock 25% of all wheels in stock Contact me direct or 0408998795 Veiw stock via parts listed on Facebook under Just JDM Imports​ or via my website...
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    Just JDM Imports Business FOR SALE

    Hi. All It is offical Just JDM Imports is up for sale Included is the following All Stock (AE86 / Altezza / EVO ) or just AE86, shelving etc. Website, contact details / Bussiness name , Mobile no and Japan contacts. Obviously not cheap due to the current inventory and whats also due in April /...
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    New Year Sale

    Hi all New years sale for 1 wk (7 Days) only from 1st Jan 2015 10% off all stock listed on my website, that is still available Please contact me direct on 0408998795 or Cheers
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    Another container will be getting packed up in the next month or so

    Hi All I will have another container being packed in the next month or so and landing hopefully in mid to late June. If anybody is looking at large items such as body kits ,panels, engines etc i will have room and can get for you and bring in. All items would have to be bided on or brought...
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    Another Container being packed NOW

    Hi all Another container being packed right now. Here in around 6-7 wks time Will update list shortly of whats coming Pics will be added on my website under new container if you want to see items. Will have extra pics of all items once sorted thru and time permits. Will betaking...
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    4AGZE AE101 Supercharged Smallport Motor Package

    Hi All Have the following available AE101 4AGZE 1.6ltr Supercharged motor 103klms on dash Still in FWD format, and has had timing belt changed in Japan This is a smallport head with CAS and Map Sensored Comes with Engine complete except Exhaust manifold unless needed for FWD car...
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    New Kouki & Zenki Lip Spoilers LEVIN / TRUENO 1 WK Special Price

    Hi All Have the following special for the week Zenki Levin $355 ea ( Will fit Kouki Levin Bars also ) Zenki Trueno $355 Ea ( Will Fit Kouki Trueno bars also) Kouki Levin $355 Ea Friegth Aust Wide $ Extra Pics of all three on my Facebook page Just JDM Imports Craig cheers
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    New Container due in later Jan 2013

    Hi all I will have another container due in later Jan 2013. In the coming weeks i will put up a list of the items due in. Cheers Craig
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    Altezza car Genuine JDM SXE-10 6 Sp

    Hi All Long shot, but looking to buy a genuine imported Altezza SXE-10 CAR with the 3SG Beams Engine and 6 speed gearbox Willing to travel interstate for the right vechile. Pls send poics and contacts details to Cheers
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    AE86 Kouki LEVIN coupe in parts for sale , Complied and was registered in QLD

    Hi All Have the following for sale AE86 Kouki Levin Coupe Shell ( GT Spec) Comes with the following Complete Interior GT Spec Black and Grey Boot Lid / Front Guards / Bonnet All Glass Kouki Headlights and Parkers White Line 2dr Tail Lights Full wiring Brake Booster / Clutch...
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    Container due in Late June / Early July

    Container in and cleared Parts available now Hi All Have another container due in Will get a list up of items when i get the time Have the following: AE101 4AGZE 1.6 superchargerd Front cut and rest of car for parts LINK TO PICS OF PARTS AS LISTED ON MY WEBSITE...
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    Just JDM Imports Track Car Build

    Hi All Been flat out lately and can't see things changing for quite a while yet. Have had a White Hatch that i imported a couple of containers ago and had earmarked to turn into my fun/track car. Came in already with a 7 point cage, 2 Recaro fixed back seats , deap dished steering...
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    Wrecking Out AE86 Trueno Hatch

    Hi All Decided to wreck out the following car Front Coil Overs with Camber Tops $750 Rear TRD Blues and springs $325 Tailshaft $200 4.3 LSD Disc to Disc Rear end and cables ( couple people taliking) $1650 T50 $550 4AG RWD Engine package ( Couple talking) $1650 Full...
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    AE86 Orange 3DR JDM Hatch Modified GTV 1985

    Hi All Have for sale the following This is a freshly imported car by myself. Arrived in country 2 wks ago 1985 GTV Trueno Originally White, but as you can see been painted Orange. 4AGE 16V Engine Exstractors Front Coil Over Suspension ( Unknown Spring Rate) Camber tops LRCA...
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    Another Container coming in

    Hi All Basic list of the sort of stuff coming & MONEY TALKS. If you want something contact me an put down a deposit or full payment so as not to miss out . GT Apex LHS & RHS Seats LHS $200 RHS $225 GTV Seats GT Apex Rear Seats $225 GTV Rear Seats $225 GT Apex Windup Door...
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    Another Container Due Mid March 2011

    Hi all Have another container due to land mid march Have all sorts of stuff in it. checkout my website link directly to most of the items coming in this one and also browse the site for other stuff in stock Cheers Craig
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    Kouki Lip

    Hi Yeah have boh new and secondhand in stock curretly cheers
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    Hi All Have the container unpacked but still a mesh of stuff everywhere as the people who have been here would know. Will list up some stuff shortly, but just keep PM ing me if you are after something. Looking at doing another shortly. cheers Craig
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    Another Container Packed and Due in Earlt Sept 2010

    Have another container packed and on its way now Will post up a complete list of items very shortly. Do have two full Kouki trueno Hatches being cut up and also a Levin Hatch. Have various wheels, Disc to Disc Rear ends, Pannels, lights, coliovers, 7 point cage, FRP guards, bonnets &...