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  1. Sam

    Black Interior - Rear only for Hatch

    Hi all, Need to find a black interior for the rear of the car. My old team mate sold it with all of his interior somehow :mad: GTV interior I believe as I never remember the types lol. Also chasing the lid for the handbrake surround as well. I'm located in Brisbane anyway. Thanks...
  2. Sam

    Heated Windscreens for your AE86 - Group Buy EOI

    Hi All, At WTAC this year we got talking to Derek from Motorsport Windscreens. He was checking if they could get AE86 ones and it turns out they can. They've given an estimated price of $680 per screen inc shipping and shipping insurance to Qld, Nsw and VIC. I think if we get enough people we...
  3. Sam

    Holden Rodeo 4x4 - My Mothers Ute for sale

    Make: Holden Model: Rodeo Year: 2004 Engine: Petrol 3.5 V6 Mileage: 187,000kms Gearbox: Factory Driveline: 4x4 Item Condition: Used with regular Servicing - older woman owner Location: Brisbane (currently in bayside) Reason For Sale: Mother No longer requires Ute Contact Details...
  4. Sam

    Mez Productions Drift Videos - Local Boy

    Hi All, A young mate of mine has been doing alot of videos of late that are really top quality.. :) Club Outrun recently paid his expenses to take him to Drift Matsuri to film them over there and he's just released a trailer to a DVD. Link below. Check...
  5. Sam

    Andrew's (Bathurst) Twin

    Grant and I where discussing how much Andrew looks like the Drummer from Everytime I Die Michael Novak. Trying to find his clip from one of their DVD's that shows his lurking abilitlies.. :) Interveiw with the band and he's first up..
  6. Sam

    Tamworth Drift Day 15/Nov Vids and Pics.

    Hi all, The competition was great.. Had heaps of track time as well... I placed 2nd for the day and Josh placed 4th.. A couple of Vids i've found on youtube from the weekend.. Tamworth Drift 1 Tamworth Drift 2 Tamworth Drift 3 Tamworth 5 - Trains Tamworth 6 - Trains (my...
  7. Sam

    1987 Trueno Hatch - 4agte -I"M KEEPING IT..

    Hi All, The time has come to pass on the old girl. The full package is reliable and will serve you well. The car is still Rego'd for another 5-6 months. It is setup to take straight to the track and go drifting but also quite fine to drive on the road The car was Dyno'd last week and...
  8. Sam

    Pics From Tamworth Drift Day - KZG Red Trueno's

    Hi Guys, A couple of mates have put up some photos from the 1st Tamworth Raceline Drift event. We didn't compete but ran a drift school and put on a few demo runs. Awesome track and can't wait to go back. The Cars with the T sticker are local tamworth drivers. All the others are from...
  9. Sam

    Super Suday Tamworth - Raceline Event - Sept 7th

    Hey Guys, Just thought i'd throw this up here. Josh and I will be attending and hope some sydney siders would come up for it as well (seeing as its midway) We'll be there sat arvo and having a night out saturday, Drift day sunday and head home monday.. Details: "SUPER SUNDAY...
  10. Sam

    Silverstone Drift Video - HD

    Hi Guys, Drift video from silverstone round this year.. One of the best drift vids i have ever seen with a great sound track.. No 86's in it but so worth the watch if you have any interest at all in drift.. Enjoy... SD
  11. Sam

    Trueno Guards - Needed for a freind to replace damaged ones

    Hi Guys, A mate of mine has damaged his trueno and needs front guards for it asap as he has a couple of comps coming up.. Fibreglass or Metal, not fussy... It is the passenger guard that is unrepairable if avail. Cheers All Sam
  12. Sam

    Complete Late Series JDM Disc Brake Rear End

    For Sale: Complete JDM Ae86 Disc Brake rear end. Includes: TRD 2-way mechanical LSD - Recently Serviced Handbrake Cables, Discs, Calipers, All Required Parts There. Price: $1500 ono Location: Brisbane Delivery: I will be travelling to Melbourne for a demo @ Sandown in a...
  13. Sam

    Aus Corolla Drift on Youtube - Hilarious

    Hio All... just saw this one and thought good to see someone with a sense of humour about themselves... Music is AWESOME... Wakefeild FTW...
  14. Sam

    Team KZG take out Stadium Drift Tandem Event - Pics

    Hi All... Just thought everyone would like to know that the hachi's are in control up here in Qld at the moment. Josh and I took out the Tandom Event that was held up here on the 18th @ the Gold Coast Parklands for Stadium Drift Super Sunday. With some close competition from Cam (r32...
  15. Sam

    SOLD : 4 Volk Rays TE37's 14' x 7' - Bronze

    Hi All... Selling my 4 Volk TE37's.. Used condition.. Will supply new heavy duty stickers with sale as 1 or two have come off.. Look hot on any hachi.. :) Want to see go to a good home.. 14' x 7' 0 offset $1250 + Shipping to anywhere in Australia Email: Phone...
  16. Sam

    Sam's JDM Trueno - Now with some drift damage - Pics

    SPECIFICATIONS RIDE 1987 AE86 Sprinter Trueno (JDM Import) ENGINE 4A-GE Big Port 'Very Tired' ENGINE MODIFICATIONS Pod Filter :lol: EXHAUST Some Jap One DRIVELINE Unknown clutch (Being replaced asap) JDM T-50 5spd Gear box with JDM bellhousing TRD Shortshifter...