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  1. Andy 86

    Shed Cleanout!

    Now my car is gone I've got no need for any more sprinter bits! Will update the list as I go through the shed - Front caliper adapters to suit AE86 struts with a wilwood 4 pot caliper and 310x32mm 2 piece rotor $250 Kouki Levin Coupe RHS rear taillight with average centre garnish $100...
  2. Andy 86

    [SA] Imec 30mm ramtubes

    As per title set of 4 imec 30mm ramtubes to suit blacktop throttles, $150 including postage Please PM me if you need any more info.
  3. Andy 86

    (SA) Beams powered IPRA AE86

    Logbooked under 2L AE86 Comprehensive bolt in cage Built 3sge beams engine Altezza gearbox Sprinter diff with TRD LSD Big Wilwood brakes with pedalbox adjustable coilover suspension Haltech ECU with GPS logger dash Competitive in either IPRA or Tarmac Rally, 1:19.3 at Mallala, top 10 Finisher at...
  4. Andy 86

    [SA] TRD Carbon Airbox and Ramtubes Suit 3S Beams

    For Sale - TRD Carbon Airbox and IMEC short ramtubes to suit 3S Beams motor. Super rare, make your engine bay look a little bit fancy. Has been drilled to suit 3sge throttle spacing, but will fit 20v 4age with a little bit of modification. 4" inlet. Chasing $700 including postage for both...
  5. Andy 86

    (SA) T-Series 4.3 Crownwheel and pinion

    As per title, in good condition, removed from my car ages ago due to going up to a 4.77 Chasing $200 for the set, or will swap for 5.1 gears with a cash adjustment if needed. Can post if you pay for it. Located in SA Pictures shouldn't be needed, looks like a crownwheel and pinion.
  6. Andy 86

    W57 Gearbox and Starter motor adaptor

    Have a W57 Gearbox with 3Y Bellhousing modified to suit 3sge for sale, includes shifter and clutch fork etc. Been used in my car, shifted fine, selling due to upgrade. Chasing $550 for it, would prefer to sell to local buyer, unless you can arrange post. Also have billet alloy adaptor plate...
  7. Andy 86

    The car with a sideways engine that leaks powersteering fluid and goes whoosh

    So after I had a partly sucessfull crack at building a grunt files charade, I decided it was time to get back into another AWD group A machine. I owned a GT4 Celica a while back, which was good while it was working, but a prick to work on, so I figured a subaru would be the other logical option...
  8. Andy 86

    Couple of interior bits

    Need a few AE86 interior things: Glovebox catch (the metal one that sits under the dashtop) Grille cover that goes under the heater controls, (where the takumi chime sounds come through on a JDM car) ashtray
  9. Andy 86

    Mallala Race 3

    Video from mallala last weekend, need some more rear end grip to get the drive out of the corners better! oh and more POWAHH
  10. Andy 86


    who has bought anything off there before? looking at buying a whole bunch of toda stuff and going off their prices it's about $700 cheaper than the local supplier. Seems to good to be true but perhaps not?
  11. Andy 86

    Rev Speed Magazine

    Seeing as the photographer took a heap of photos of my car at superlap i'd like to try and find the superlap issue if he uses them. Couple of you sydney guys (Adam.... Garth :P ) told me about some store which will probably have it, but i can't recall the name. If someone could point me...
  12. Andy 86

    Built 4AGE 16v Engine package

    Just an EOI at this stage, motor will properly be for sale after july 25th. Motor: 4age 16v bigport Balanced bottom end Decked block Shaved Head Ports/combustion chambers tidied up Heavy duty valve springs 264 cams, 8.4mm lift (from memory) Vernier pullies Baffled sump T3 Quad...
  13. Andy 86

    Harmonic vibrations with light flywheel

    I'm currently running a toda 3.7kg flywheel in my car, and it's been causing no end of problems for me. from what i understand, it seems to be to light to supress the harmonic virbrations from the engine, and causes the exhaust and the input shaft of the gearbox to vibrate at various points...
  14. Andy 86

    Andy's Levin Coupe

    Probably about time i posted up a member's ride thread. I bought the car from Japanese Motorsport a couple of months ago completely stock, and did most of the compliance work myself. Car was originally an auto , which is the only one i have seen, and i would imagine, was the only auto coupe...
  15. Andy 86

    WTB: front guards and drivers door.

    Need a pair of levin front guards and a drivers side door. Located in SA, but will pay for post if i really have to. Let me know what you all have available :)
  16. Andy 86

    Work 15x7's

    Got a set of 4 Work branded wheels, not sure what type. they are 15x7's and the offset is somewhere round the +15 mark. come with 2 195/50 potenza g3's, but i'd prefer not to post them with the tyres. 3 have a bit of gutter scrapage, but one is mint, having just been repaired from a fight...
  17. Andy 86

    Smallport 4A

    Need a smallport 4age motor, can be in any sort of condition, provided it isn't too badly broken. Not wanting to spend heaps, as it's going to be rebuilt anyway. Located in SA, so i'd prefer one over here, but may consider something else provided the price is right. Thanks
  18. Andy 86

    LSD's n stuff

    I have just fitted a T-18 rear end and TRD LSD with a 4.1 TA22 celica centre. When i bought the LSD the guy was not sure as to whether it was a 1.5 or 2 way. After driving it around for the last day or so i am still not too sure. it doesn't appear to lock both wheels when using the handbrake...
  19. Andy 86

    WTB: 1 work 15x7

    I had an argument with a gutter last night, so i need another rim like this one: Just wondering if anyone has one (or two if you don't want to sell just 1) that are the same as mine, must be 15x7, and offset of around +15 or so. I thought it would be cheap to get it re-rolled, but i...
  20. Andy 86

    Oil Pumps

    I am looking at putting an oil cooler on my 4a, (bigport) and remember reading somewhere that the later model 7-rib engines have larger capacity oil pumps, due to the oil cooled pistons. I am thinking of getting one of these pumps, so if there is any pressure drop through the cooler, the higher...