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  1. Mirko


    Can you pm pics of dry sump tank
  2. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    yeah agreed gonna build my own now just thought if was reasonable save me trouble but now get to have fun with it
  3. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    But about 1200 to make 1 bar with 2 plates on the end is a little much
  4. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    approx 1200 just for the bar across the top not including mounting of anything like rad, lights etc
  5. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    Yeah called hyper tune and they built it but but pricy for just rad support for me to justify but will try and build something similar
  6. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    Yeah but won't be removable and want that
  7. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    Meant know not new
  8. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    So rad support is a bit mangled and was thinking of replacing with custom support to also support headlights etc. Yates old 86 had a nice one and was wondering if anyone new who built it?
  9. Mirko

    WTB AE86 Sprinter - relatively stock NSW

    Yeah looks mad and good price pity was not for sale when I got mine
  10. Mirko

    WTB AE86 Sprinter - relatively stock NSW

    There is one with 20v for sale 10.5 on drift sales group in bg not really stock but a beast
  11. Mirko

    Mannix86's dirty beams

    If ur interested getting this made for my 3sgte
  12. Mirko

    PETE'S 86 Goodness

    need something like this for my 3sgte
  13. Mirko

    WTB AE86 Sprinter - relatively stock NSW

    there is a red one on ebay or gumtree with 4ac in it dont remember where
  14. Mirko

    LAZYS 'biggest pile of parts' AE86

    Lol you better build this thing finally but if you don't I call dips at garage sale lol
  15. Mirko

    Ped Rac3r's AE85 Build thread

    Nice. U should sell those custom senders just paid 170 delivered for a JDM one and 300 for a new tank
  16. Mirko

    Ped Rac3r's AE85 Build thread

    Nice man but was reading into it a little myself and found this "Fabric elements not suitable for use in E85 or alcohol applications."
  17. Mirko

    New Genuine Kouki Levin Bumpers

    Zenki bumpers?
  18. Mirko


    Try freddy from topstage for carbon stuff he is supplying it now as well
  19. Mirko

    AE86 Quick rack

    I'm keen if anyone else wants to group order. Can u pm me payment info