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  1. Mirko

    Custom rad support

    So rad support is a bit mangled and was thinking of replacing with custom support to also support headlights etc. Yates old 86 had a nice one and was wondering if anyone new who built it?
  2. Mirko

    WTB: S Series need for Donor Diff or KE70 diff

    Building my f series diff and need either a s series or a ke70 diff to cut mounts off and line up on the new f series diff. Dont care if its blown etc just need one thanks in sydney
  3. Mirko

    WTB: S series diff to use a donor diff

    Hi guys, Converting my F series diff and need a donor diff. So after a blown or what ever really S series or blown t series dont really care. Am in sydney
  4. Mirko

    Electronic Speedo Sensor for W57 Gearbob

    Hi peeps, Have a w57 box and running a racepack dash so need electronic speedo sensor on gearbox. Anyone have any idea where to get it from
  5. Mirko

    [SYD] parting 4agze + interior parts + Turbo kit parts

    k need to clear out all the spare parts l have and to help fund the next step of my Build. Have a huge amount of parts ready to go and a lot in great condition. == Interior Bits == Front Seats ADM Brown & Red $250 pair or $150 each Rear Seat ADM Brown and Red $150 Rear plastics in blue and...
  6. Mirko

    WTB: W58 gearbox and Bell housing

    After a w58 or similar gearbox for my 4agze going in my ae86. Have a tone of stuff for swap if possible as well like Front Seats t50 gearbox Interior panels in brown and blue
  7. Mirko

    Body shop for rust repair in sydney

    Hi Guys, Car is getting soda blasted and i can fix most of the rust myself but there are 2 parts in door sills that l was thinking of getting a progressional to do. Can anyone recommend a body shop in sydney near parramatta ideally
  8. Mirko

    WTB: T28 Turbo

    Converting my 4agze to a 4agte and want to get my hands on a T28 if anyone has one or a good seller somewhere
  9. Mirko

    Can anyone recommend a place to get my AE86 Soda Blasted

    Want to get my AE86 soda blasted can any one recommend a place to get it done and what can l expect it to cost. I live near parramatta
  10. Mirko

    WTB Koyo Rad and Oil Cooler plus relocation Kit

    Hi Guys After the following parts for my AE86 4AGZE Koyo Rad 2 10inch fans Oil Cooler and relocation kit Am in sydney