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  1. Stain

    My blacktop 20v for sale

    4AGE 20v blacktop (AE111) approx 8,000km since rebuild with OEM kit including oil pump. Complete RS Chita RWD water kit with RWD pump, alternator bracket, engine mount legs. Built with TRD 0.8mm headgasket, ARP head/main studs, ARP flywheel bolts, balanced crankshaft, new WASP 1.4kW starter...
  2. Stain

    Massive amount of AE86 related stuff for sale.

    Everything located in Cairns Queensland 4870. Will post anywhere in Australia at buyers expense. Contact me here, or if you want a faster response email: derekledger(at)gmail(dot)com OS Giken Super-Single Clutch $250 *Single piece clutch/flywheel. Heavy Duty. RWD Water Gear $200 *Long...
  3. Stain

    Watanabe 14x9 -19 and 14x9.5 -25

    It's time to get rid of my 14" Watanabe Type-R rims. 2x 14x9 -19 and 2x 14x9.5 -25 in Gunmetal Grey. Purchased new from Japan, they have minor gutter rash basicly just the paint around the outer lip, so no gashes in the rim. They still have tyres on them, Toyo RA-01's in 205/55r14 and...
  4. Stain


    How come Garth gets to have a animated one and no one else can? :P I think in today's day n age we shouldn't be overly concerned with bandwidth consumption anymore... hell even mobile networks are faster than what dailup was. Let me have animated signature :P
  5. Stain

    Adaptronic Woes

    I have KOR back now with a Adaptronic installed in running (just) the tune is rather poor tho and I'm having problems with the ISCV. A quick run down of my setup; 4age 16v Smallport AE101 Quads w/Open Trumpets HKS 256deg In/Ex HKS Valve Springs 216cc Injectors (23250 34030) Fuel...
  6. Stain

    Dobbed in!

    Got a phone call from the police today saying there has been complaints about my driving. That I drive up my street with excessive noise and exceeding the speedlimit. They asked me to describe my car, quote my numberplate and asked if anyone else drove the car. I was vague as I could be...
  7. Stain

    Best Rally Communication Ever (NSFW) I've watched it about 5 times already today. Laugh every time. Gotta love the Irish! hahaha
  8. Stain

    4AGE Injectors

    Okay. I've built a 4AGE smallport engine but I didn't have a smallport (AE92) dissy or ecu so I'm using a bigport (AE82) dissy and ecu to run it. My drama now is injectors... the smallport came with 250cc hi-ohm injectors but the bigport uses 182cc low-ohm. Will the engine run fine using...
  9. Stain

    How to sell a car

    We've all be doing it wrong! Read all the Q&As too. :D
  10. Stain

    Help! Gearbox oil seal :(

    Ok so the oil seal at the rear of my gearbox has been leaking (where the tailshaft yoke goes in) I've been trying to ignore it but I think I've lost too much oil now to continue doing that... So today I went n bought a new one, took the tailshaft out and then was presented with a job I...
  11. Stain

    Stadium Drift Discussion

    I just noticed that 8/9th clashes with Stadium Drift Nats... So no Josh or Sam. Pity - would have been cool to get some time off work and do both. :)
  12. Stain

    4age smallport engine manual

    need the gen3 non-tvis 4age smallport engine rebuild manual for all the torque figures etc. don't care if its a book or a cd with a pdf on it. all I can find online is the bigport tvis versions thanks
  13. Stain

    Kids' Rock by Tim Hawkins Lol, some good ones in there.
  14. Stain

    Crank Pulley!

    I'm pulling apart a smallport 4age to rebuild and put in Kor... And ive gotten everything but the crank shaft bolt! The bastard won't come off! I've tried a rattle gun, a strap wrench and breaker bar... tried putting bolts in the other end and using another breaker bar... just lifts the other...
  15. Stain

    WTB: 4age camshafts 264 in/ex

    As per title. But will consider 256deg also. Thanks.
  16. Stain

    FNQ Drifting! Cairns and Townsville!

    As some of you might have seen from my thread there was a Drift Day run by QSS (our local forum) up here in Cairns last weekend! (Video Here) Our very first one. And a huge success it was! So good that Stadium Drift have shown interest in holding a couple of events up here including a Drift...
  17. Stain

    RC Car with motion sensing camera!
  18. Stain

    Banned for oversteer on the Nurburgring
  19. Stain

    eBay 'origional' Sprinter Hahahahahaha! YEAH! Keep dreaming mate! That should be "are currently advertised for up to"** lol!
  20. Stain

    Who thought choc bars, cup-soup and vodka could be so wrong!