ADM dash mod, what lies beneath


Nov 14, 2006
i had 2 dashes here and one was really bad so i figured i'd see what existed beneath the padding.

lo and behold there is a plastic shell that looks exactly the same as a stock dash except for above the instrument cluster.

obviously without padding its not legally compliant in regards to crash protection but i'm a bit lenient with those sorts of things, in reality my seatbelt should top me from hitting the dash anyway :)

for the weight loss junkies the padding weighs less then 1kg which is the lowest increment on my digi scales :lol:

if you are handy with fibreglass you could make something special of it but i don't care much for that, i'll spray it black and fill the gaps with ally inserts. if you are careful when you take the padding off (use a pint scraper) you could really leave it bare as its already black and is a passable in appearance, i scratched mine a few times so figured it better and neater to paint it.

pics tell a better story

plastic bag has all the padding shite in it

its a free mod and looks a lot better than the arizona mud flats dash rocking most ADM's


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Dec 20, 2009
So thats whats under there... Any change you could post up a pic or 2 of the general cluster area?!?

Team IBP

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Apr 1, 2010
Gold Coast Hinterland.
I would also like to see pics of the area above the cluster. I am considering having my dash recovered. Now knowing that lies beneath, it would be alot easier than trying to smooth out the cracked areas then covering.

Did that even make sense?