AJPS.com.au - clear out


Jul 6, 2006
Adelaide, Australia
Hi all

Got a few items to clear, make some room and have a few things in the works....

AJPS -AE86 rear brace (with dual harness mounts) brand new - powder coated jet black - made from roll cage tubing, welded by kelway - $175ea (2)
AJPS - AE86/KE70 under car surge tank, brand new, with fittings, few scratches from laser cutters - $230ea
QFM - RX7 FC/FD front A1RM pads - $110 incl shipping
King springs X5K prosport 200mm 65id 7kg/mm coilover springs $150pr (limited use)
AJPS 4.5kg rear springs 140mm free height (suit ajps spring platforms) have been fitted but are essentially new $180pr
FLOs Silicone radiator hoses for AE86 (upper and lower) $80pr
AJPS S13 rotor upgrade rear bracket for JDM ae86 diffs - $170pr
Super Pro - Corona/Celica hard rack mount bushes - $35pr (2pr left)
Performance Challenger 15x8 -9 - One single (1) wheel only $250 (no longer available - shop display/spare)
AE86 hatch window and LHR 1/4 window $100 and $50 respectively
T50 Gearbox mount $50
Advan 195/50/15 semi slicks, soft, 60% $250pr
FLOs quick racks $350ea shipped

Shipping available on all parts (domestic and international)
Pictures are available and inspection is ok
Pick up available on all parts
Bank transfer, Paypal, Cash accepted
Shipping is not included, unless stated, I will bundle shipping
Contact via pm, email (sales@ajps.com.au) or AJPS facebook