Drift Attack! [url]http://www.entries.vicdrift.com[/url]


Dec 18, 2007
Drift Attack! http://www.entries.vicdrift.com

This is the last round of VicDrift's competition for 2008! Final chance to score some points, let alone get out there and participate in the sport we all love on one of Australia's best tracks for Drift!

The details are as follows;

8:30am Drivers Briefing

8:50am Cars to the dummy grid

9:00am Open Practice (Pro & Street)

10:30am Qualifing Front S, Pro first 2 laps, Street 2 laps

11:30am Comp Pro Rear M (Top 16-Finals)

12:15pm Comp Street Front S (Top 32)

1:00pm Comp Pro Front S (Top 16)

1:25pm Lunch break/Burnout Comp

1:45pm Comp Street Front S (Top 16)

2:15pm Comp Pro Front S (Top 8 )

2:35pm Comp Street Front S (Top 8 )

3:00pm Comp Pro Front S (Top 4)

3:15pm Comp Street Front S (Top 4-Finals)

3:45pm Comp Pro Front S (Finals)

4:00pm Presentation

4:25pm Open track Session/Passenger Rides

5:30pm Track Closed

Time table subject to change without notice. Drivers are to make sure that they arrive at the track early to ensure their vehicle/s have passed through scrutineering and are ready for the drivers briefing at 8:30AM sharp.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, PM me, or jump onto the http://www.vicdrift.com/forums/ and ask away, the club President, as well as the other board members are more than happy to answer any enquiries you do have.

Now this event is run a little differently to the others. All drivers wishing to participate on the day, MUST pre-enter via online submission of details. This is to avoid any late entries, slowing down the day. To get the most of the day on the track, VicDrift have come the conclusion that this is the quickest and easiest way to about entries.

The address is http://www.entries.vicdrift.com

All you need to do is follow these steps to enter:

Create an account
*Make sure you fill in all of the fields if nothing just put a -
We will contact you about what class you are in and how much your entry is along with payment.
Only submit ONCE.

Spectator entry is $20
Kids under 13 free!