got told to swap my hachi


Aug 30, 2007
hey all been a very long time between posts i know but im back haha...
i was having a discussion with a bloke last night and he told me to swap the hachi for a s or r chassis..... below is what he said to me:

"sprinters cost to much to drift and modify you be better of with a car you can drive around and drift as well .

but they dont drift well and everything to make it better will be custom . they break allot when drifting could be in a rego car that you can buy shit cheap every where straight bolt up parts plus sites like drift sales you get anything you need cheap.....

you drove the drift school cars well but it will take allot more to get the hatchi side ways consistant ....

.even beau yates gave up on competing in his as they just are not the goods anymore but are worth more in street style you would get a fat as s13/180 or r32 r33 as swap no probs with all the mods you pretty much need to drift"

what are your thoughts on this??


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Nov 29, 2006
e-town tasmania
Lol. Anyone who says you can't drift virtually anything is tossing.

And the 86/70 platform is fine and dandy

And beau pulled the pin on his 86 cos the poor thing got fucking destroyed...

Whoever you were talking to needs a paddling....

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