Pizza meet!...........Park Orchards...20th November!


Oct 5, 2006
Krispy Kreams - FG
fellas, chickies.

My gf's parents run a pizza and pasta take away shop in Park Orchards, big enought carpark round the back.

Have had a mid week meet with a diff car club once , worked out well.

They offer specials for us!....cos they like me.

last time i think the deals were about;

deals -

$6.00 Small pizza and can.
$8.00 Medium pizza and can.
$11.00 Large pizza and 600ml bottle.
For the real fat bastards-----
$15.00 Family Pizza and 1.25 bottle.

Pasta aslo available.

Who's in?

* 20th November ant 7.30pm!!!!!
590 Park Road, PARK ORCHARDS.

Car park is round back (off Hopetoun Road)

more details here:

Think of it as a pre pre-meet B4 the WTFBBQ meet!