Post your cars in Members ride section! (please read)


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Feb 27, 2006
It seems some people have been posting their cars in this section thinking that because theyre not Australian that they cant post in members rides, this is not correct.

The Members rides section is for everyone who signs up to HR, no matter where your from.

This section is for; finding other HR drivers local to you (Internationally). Perhaps your visiting a country and want to check out the HR scene there and want to get in contact with people. You can do that here.

Not all countries have dedicated AE86 websites (like the UK, USA, JAPAN) some have much smaller scenes with members who visit major websites like this one.

So this area is for you International guys to chat! Maybe your looking to contact AE86 owners in... Belgium, The Czech Republic, Denmark or Brunei :) Put a call out in this section.