Posting guidelines. Read this!


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Feb 27, 2006
The TECH section is for just that. TECH information regarding our beloved AE86's. As far as the punctuation and stuff goes. If you don't do it, I'll be renaming topic titles myself so lookout for that. Otherwise useless posts in this section will be deleted and if your a repeat offender you'll get yourself on probation.

What can you post here?
Questions, Answers, Discussion on AE86 technical information. Nothing else.

Simple "TOPIC TITLE" rule!
Ok, I'll put this simply.

A Topic Title should describe what your talking about. Eventually when there are 500 topics in "Engine & Electrical" and you search for 'toda cams' do you really want to be sorting through 50 topics named 'help me with this' '' (which might contain the word cams there-in) Basically this rule is to make searching for info faster, clearer and easier.

So for example.

DO NOT post topic titles that are non-descriptive of what your posting about such as "anybody know any...", "somebody please help", "my tech guide.."