Shockworks Mission Statement & Contact Details

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Jun 11, 2012
Monbulk, SE Suburbs, Melbourne
Your Name: Chris O'Brien

Business Name: Shockworks

ABN: 58-101-176-251

Telephone Number(s):0413962123



Shockworks provides custom damper tuning for road and race cars. Shockworks also consults to vehicle manufacturers, tuning vehicle suspension for both high performance and passenger vehicles, including small volume concept vehicles. Fully equipped damper tuning workshop, including full dyno report and data. “On track” race team support during practice days. As with our partner Techracing we also have many years testing suspension systems and new technology components and perform ride and handling testing at Proving grounds and race tracks to meet and exceed target vehicle attributes. Shockworks can advise and support OEM damper manufacturers on how to improve valve design, warranty issues, production line repeatability and consult for ride tuning sessions with vehicle manufacturers.

We have now finishes development for AE86. These front struts will also suit most Japanese stub axle assemblies i.e Corona, Datsun 1600. From our experience we've found many of the twin-tube inserts and even some monotube struts for AE86 could be improved, finding that the roll rate is still too quick(unless of course using a very heavy spring) and vertical body movements are very abrupt, leading to the car always being unsettled which is less than fun to drive when on limit. We are initially tuning for circuit sprints and track times but are also developing a package for drift applications(working closely with a few of the top tier drifters). We separate ourselves from other damper retailers by offering full service and tuning support, including corner weighting. We offer evaluation services and advise on what you can do to improve on your car due to different wheel and tyre packages. All 86's are different and if the production setting isn't appropriate we can custom tune it for you.

We have for 12 months been searching around the globe for a damper manufacturer that meets our quality standards while remaining at a reasonable price and are happy to work closely with us to improve their range and technology. After contact being sent back and forth for months between Shockworks and Neotech we decided to take the plunge and travel to Korea. What we found was OEM quality manufacturing standards with state of the art CNC production machinery . We visited their spring and bush supplier and upon arrival discovered that both of these manufacturers are OEM suppliers for GM, Hyundai and others. We never imagined that we would have such a technical partnership with such a great damper manufacturer, this close partnership will now show through in the damper quality with class leading ride and handling.
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